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Marriage Counseling in Bergen County, NJ

Does counseling really help marriages?

Marriage counseling in Bergen County, NJ, addresses the nuanced challenges of married life and helps married couples come together to form a stronger bond. Once a couple moves past the honeymoon stage, they often experience unexpected challenges that are difficult to resolve when you must account for multiple partners’ interests.

Common marital issues that benefit from marriage counseling in Bergen County include:

  • Emotional or sexual infidelity.
  • Disagreements over financial expenses.
  • Moving through different life stages.
  • Ignoring boundaries.
  • Lacking physical or emotional intimacy.
  • Becoming bored or complacent.

One of the beautiful things about marriage is that couples grow together as they face new hurdles and life transitions as a team. Unfortunately, those experiences can also instigate conflict when you are not on the same page. Having a healthy relationship often comes down to being aware of each other’s needs and maintaining a safe environment where both parties feel secure.

Dependability is a crucial aspect of marriage, making it all the more important to learn to compromise and work together to resolve disagreements. Long-term relationships also tend to have unique dynamics and concerns, which is why married couples in particular benefit from professional marriage counseling in Bergen County, NJ.

Can counseling help a broken relationship?

Broken does not imply that something cannot be fixed. Clinical trials show that behavioral couples therapies produce substantial improvements even in cases involving seriously and chronically distressed couples.3 While there are no guarantees that counseling can save a relationship, chances of improvement are high as long as both partners have a vested interest in repairing their relationship. In other words, the power lies with you.